Background: Religion in Gramatia

The Imperial Office for Religious Affairs regularly conducts a survey among the Gramatian population regarding their religious believes and practices. The most recent data (from the 2005 survey) is discussed below.

According to the most recent survey 75% of the Gramatians state to be adherents of Tujoism (the country’s state religion), 22% claims to be atheist and 3% say to follow some other religion. However, only 20% of the population visit a Tujoist shrine more than once a month, most people only visit a shrine once or a few times a year. Further about forty percent of the respondents say to pray on a daily base.

A majority of 55% believes that Tujoism should continue to be the official state religion and only 30% is in favor of disestablishment. Further 63% believes that legislation should reflect Tujoist values.


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