To planet or not to planet…

I cannot stress enough that the principal technology which underlies the stories set in the Elysia Universe is orbital space settlements. Further it is important that all stories of the Elysia Universe are set in our own Solar System and that there is no interstellar travel in these stories.

The following nations from the Elysia Universe claim no lunar or planetary surfaces as part of their territory:


The Ape Republic


The Confederation of Socialist Republics

The Federation of Asteroid Republics

The Fempower Republic



And save for terrestrial countries, the following nations are (partially) located on lunar or planetary surfaces:

The Federal Republic of the Martian Empire (Mars)

Ishtar and West-Afrodite (terraformed Venus)

Elysia (southern hemisphere of Miranda and parts of Afrodite on Venus)

Europa (on the Jovian moon with the same name)

Io (on the Jovian moon with the same name)

Callisto (on the Jovian moon with the same name)

Ganymede (on the Jovian moon with the same name)

The Union of Uranian Settlements is a peculiar case as this nation is neither an orbital settlement nor located on a surface. In fact it is believed that Uranus has no surface at all. Nevertheless the UUS consist of cities which float in the atmosphere of Uranus.


5 responses

  1. Your stressing is very distressing. I’ll probably just have to write my own stories now. 😦

    1. I am sure I’ll cheer you up quite soon 🙂

  2. Have you read Leviathan Wakes? I wasn’t too hooked on the story or characters, but the setting (this solar system, many hundreds of years from today) is quite good, and the tech realistic.

    1. No, I haven’t. But thanks for dropping this.

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