La Chanson de la Saint Elise

Chantons nous la vie d’une heroine

une heroine authentique, qui donnait sa vie pour notre liberté

son nome était Elise, rentissez ce nome

Cette Chanson raconte sa courage

Donc chantez avec nous!

“La Chanson de la Saint Elise” is the national anthem of the Republic of Elysia. With a total duration of 10 hours and 31 minutes is by far the longest national anthem ever, though usually only the intro is actually song.

As said implied by the title, this national anthem tells the story of St. Elise, the patron saint of Elysia. The story starts with telling that Elise grew up as a foundling and she was a good, helpful and smart girl, beloved by all.

However, when Elise reached the age of majority (at eighteen), she got – against her will – involved with dirty politics. Eventually she got kidnapped by her (both romantic and political) rival Kismet II and after a fierce battle with the deranged robot she destroys Kismet but at the cost of her own life.

After her heroic death her body was brought to Elysia, where she got a funeral of state. The Elysian government gave her the ultimate honor by declaring her to be the new nation’s patron saint (Le Lois de Saint Elise). Her body was buried in the city of Champ-de-l’Elise, while the dress she wore at the time of her death is stored at the Elise Chapel in Ilium Novum.

In order to keep her memory alive, a group of Elysian nationalist intellectuals wrote “La Chanson de la Saint Elise”. This song was first performed at the first anniversary of her death and soon thereafter the Elysian Senate made it the country’s official national anthem.


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