Death in the galaxy

Yesterday we had a minor discussion in the comments about the lack of intelligent aliens in Asimov’s foundation universe and commenter Landgrave stated that R. Daneel Olivaw’s robots somehow cleared the galaxy of alien species. However, the ScienceDaily¬†reports that according to Australian scientists life is almost universally doomed to die out soon.

They argue that most planets with habitable conditions will experience either runaway heating or cooling and destroying the conditions for life. For instance Venus and Mars are believed to have been habitable in the past, but nowadays are virtually inhabitable. Consequently they argue that stabilization of the environment is very rare and hence is life.

This hypothesis might be a solution for the infamous “Fermi paradox“. Only on a very few places life gets the opportunity to evolve to be capable to develop the technology to send messages through the galaxy. Nevertheless even if this is the case, then there are still millions of planets in our galaxy so one could expect at least a few surviving biospheres.


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  1. Self-replicating robots could be the only thing out there, travelling between those few brief brilliant flashes of life/complexity/intelligence/technological culture.

    1. I agree on this. But I wonder what would be the purpose of creating such self-replicating robots?

      1. To explore the universe, create a network, and feed information back. I’m reading Spin right now (which is great) and the whole story line revolves around this…. the galaxy is filled with an ecosystem of von Neumann machines.

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