Follow up planet IX

Last month two astronomers presented mathematical evidence for the existence for a ninth planet in our Solar System. However, they could not where this planet currently is – they could only calculate its rough orbit. Now, French scientists claim to have reduced the area where planet Nine could by 50%.  The French calculations do confirm the hypothesis of planet nine, though the existence of this planets has been far from confirmed.


6 responses

  1. It’s getting interesting.

    1. It’s. But it might still take a few years before that planet is actually found – if it exists.

      1. If it’s a rogue brown dwarf, we might be in for trouble.

      2. Well, it’s estimated to be about 5 tot 15 earth masses, so it’s very unlikely to be brown darf – which should about 12 Jupiter masses.

      3. OK, but big enough to mess with the asteroid belts.

      4. It messes with the Kuiper belt ;), that’s why they think it exists.

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