Hunting law in the CGU

Hunting in Gramatia is highly regulated by the Her Majesty’s Government. Only hunters who are officially licensed by the Imperial Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry are allowed to hunt. Illegal hunting activity is subject to heave penalties (including life imprisonment with hard labour), as are infractions by licensed hunters.

The government’s hunting policy seeks to maintain wildlife populations and consequently the ministry establish an annual quota per species. Hunting quotas are sold to the highest bidder and individuals may not hunt more than the number they have bought.

In  order to become a licensed hunter one has to fulfill the following requirements: to be at least sixteen-years-old, to have passed an exam on hunting law and animal welfare, to be able to handle weapons properly and to have no criminal record.

All hunters are required by law to register to all animals they have killed. The Imperial Police regularly visits known hunters to check their hunting journals. Also buyers of hunted meat are subject of such visits.

As a result of this policy, virtual all hunters are professionals and “pleasure” hunting as such does not exist in the country. Generally hunting is only accepted if done for food, about a quarter of all meat consumed in Gramatia is supplied by hunters.


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