Marriage in Spacer Law

The Spacer nations in the Elysia Universe have different attitudes to marriage. Virtually all of them have harsh laws against “sham marriages”.

The Federal Republic of Elysia

Marriage is defined as a union between two persons. Originally only humans could marry, but since a landmark case marriage is open to up lifted animals and humanoid synthetic organisms. Both parties have to be at least twenty-one years old. Citizens who wish to marry foreign nationals, need to obtain permission from the federal government.

The Republic of Sarelliteland

Though legal, the government discourages this institute by making a civil marriage a very bureaucratic procedure.

The Queendom of Amazonia

Marriage is defined as a union between two women. The age of marriage is seventeen.

The Fempower Republic

Marriage is a union of at least two persons, including at least one woman. Male spouses will lose legal capacity at marriage. The most senior female spouse is called matron and serves as head of the family.


A man may marry as many women he wants. Wives owe complete obedience toward their husband. Fathers will seek a suitable husbands for their daughters, who have no say in this. Divorce is rare and may only be granted by an Act of Parliament. Wife selling is legal, but only with consent of the wife and the city council. Same-sex marriage is illegal if between two men.


4 responses

  1. Gaelyphia would be a crazy place to be a woman

    1. The place is even crazier than you would think due to said information. But I won’t tell too much now.

      1. in that case, the little I know the better

      2. I can only agree with you, but if you are curious just search for “protogyny”.

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