Laws of Bigotry

A few weeks had been passed since Amy married her long-time roommate and lover Jane. Now their honeymoon was almost over and the two women had to discuss their future. While Amy was making breakfast for them, her wife said:

“Dear, I want to return to my native country after graduation. But only if you agree, of course.” Her spouse nodded and replied: “I would love to see your country, sweetie. To be honest, I see little future here.” Jane smiled and gave her wife a few pats on her butts. “I love you,” Amy said and gave her a kiss on her cheeks.

“However, if you agree to go with me, Amy, you should know what to expect.” Her wife smiled. “Please, tell me anything, dear. I want to know anything about Amazonia, that exotic lesbian nation.” “Well,” Jane said, “the first thing you need to understand is my country’s marriage law. As I am the older one of us, I will be the senior spouse and you will be the junior spouse. Under Amazonian law the senior spouse is assigned as the head of household.”

“And that means?” “As head of household the senior spouse has marital power over the junior spouse, i.e. the junior spouse is incapable to perform legal actions without her wife’s permission and she is legally to obey her senior spouse.” Amy looked at her wife, but said nothing.

“I understand if you have issues with this law and if you won’t go to Amazonia, then I’ll accept your choice.” “Don’t worry, Jane. I promise you that I’ll very, very obedient. And you should know I love to be submissive.” “Right,” said Jane delighted.

“But as you are not an Amazonian citizen, you’ll need to apply for a permanent residence card. Not that I would expect any difficulties with getting one for you, as the Her Majesty’s policy is to encourage lesbians to immigrate to Amazonia and we are legally married.” “Could you arrange the paperwork for me, Jane?” “Of course, my dear.”


A few days later Amy and Jane sent all required paperwork to the Amazonian embassy. Though it would take up to six months before Amy’s application would be approved, the couple did not foresee any problem. And hence they prepared themselves for their move.

“Amaziona is located between Saturn and Uranus in the neighbourhood of a so-called Centaur, a kind of minor planet. So it will take about six months to get there.” “Why is your country so remote? Even for spacer standards.” “It’s a matter of security, I guess. There are not a lot of strategic resources there and military intervention in that region would cost more than anyone from the Main Belt or the Inner Solar System could gain.”

Amy nodded, international relations were not her cup of tea and she subsequently changed the subject. “What about the Queen? Is she really as powerful as everyone says?” “In theory, she’s the absolute ruler of Amazonia, but in reality she has to deal with numerous conflicting interests and in order to keep the peace, she has to make concessions.” “And the order of succession? I have heard rumors that members of the Royal Family don’t marry.” Jane smiled and said:

“All Queens of Amazonia are clones of the first Queen, Tamyris I. So all Queens and princesses are in fact incidental twin sisters and if the current Queen dies, her next oldest sister will succeed her. In practice each princess will be Queen one day, as the number of living princesses is limited to three.”

“And no one has a problem with the Monarchy?” Amy asked, Since most Spacer nations were republics, the young woman had trouble to accept it. “Not really,” Jane replied. “In fact the current Queen, Tamyris V, is quite popular. This is proved by the existence of palace service.” “What’s that?” “Well, each year a number of unmarried women between the age of seventeen and twenty-five are randomly chosen to be a royal servant for one year. And in the last fifty years, no one has protested against her selection.”

“Do you known any woman who has served the Queen?” Jane smiled and said: “Actually my mothers met each other, while serving at the Court of Tamyris IV. And my cousin Victoria and her wife Felicia have been servants to Tamyris V.” “I would like to meet them,” Amy said. “I am sure my mothers would like to meet you too.”


Three months after Amy and Jane had submitted Amy’s application for permanent residence, the couple received a formal answer from the Amazonian Embassy. Jane read the letter aloud to her wife:

Dear Jane Grey and Amy Daley,

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that the application of Amy Daley for permanent residence has to be refused. The applicant’s karyogram shows that the applicant is no woman, as it includes a Y-chromosome. Under Amazonian immigration law genetically male person is not allowed to enter the Queendom. Also per Amazonian family law your marriage is considered as invalid.

Kind regards,

Marielle Spring

Ambassador to the Republic of Elysia by the Queendom of Amazonia

“What’s that for rubbish?” Amy asked angrily. “I am as woman as any woman.” “I know,” Jane said while she tried to comfort her wife. “You are a woman, whatever your chromosomes say.”


“Swyer syndrome,” geneticist Rik Veldman explained, “is a condition where a person despite a XY karyotype, and hence genetically male, will develop as a female.” “Professor,” Amy asked, “I am a man or a woman?” “The distinction between male and female, is a medieval one. And as far as I am concerned, you are a woman if you feel that way.”

“But,” Jane asked, “what can we do about this?” “Biologically, nothing,” professor Veldman said. “Your problem is a legal one. Amazonians have a dogmatic and in my opinion unscientific idea of gender. According to their ideology of political lesbianism only true women, that is those with a 46, XX karyotype, are accepted. Trans-men are considered as traitors and trans-women are an abomination of natural order.

“Anyway, I would advise both of you to stay in this country and to pursue a happy life here. And if you want, I can help you to raise a family. Here your mutual love is not questioned by a society full of bigotry.”


“Can’t we appeal to the Queen?” Amy asked her wife. “Yes, we could but I would it give little chance. She is supposed to upheld the national ideology and hence she will not grant any lenience, as that would be considered as worse than treason.” “So you think professor Veldman is right?” “Yes, I do. We should seek a life here. I don’t want to abandon you in favour of my native country.”

Amy, however, wanted to fight this injustice. She wanted to be recognized as a woman, despite her chromosomes. All her life she had been treated as woman and the Amazonians should do the same. The XY woman did not accept to be classified as a man.

“Please,” her wife begged when Amy started again over the issue. “They won’t listen to you. Amazonians deeply distrust men, or what they believe are men, The harder you fight them, the more they’ll see you as a threat to national security. And since I am destined to stay with you, they’ll see me as a traitor of the worst kind.

“And even if we were allowed to go there, society won’t accept us. I know it’s pure bigotry, but here we can live quietly.” “Sweetie, I won’t give up,” said Amy with determination. But her wife was shaking her head. “You have to come to your senses. You need to rest the issue and if you raise this topic again, I will put you over my knee for a good spanking.”

Since she had accepted Jane as her superior, Amy had no choice than to back down – at least for the moment. Nevertheless the woman was not deterred to study Amazonian law in order to find a loophole. Of course, she had to do this in secret as Jane would keep her promise to spank her.


Months later Amy discovered by accident that the Amazonian heir to the throne, Princess Tamyris Sexta, would make an official visit to the Republic of Elysia. If she could arrange a meeting with her royal highness… Not that she had the faintest idea how to get in touch with the crown princess.

One problem was, of course, security. Since most Elysian were abhorred by the very idea of monarchy, visits by foreign royals were minimized. But the very few of such events, were potential targets for radical republican or nationalist violence. Consequently, foreign royals had to heavily protected by Federal Security agents.

Despite this Amy wrote a letter for the princess, which she had to keep hidden for her wife. Further she tried to follow the upcoming visit as closely as possible. Eventually she learned where Princess Tamyris would stay during her visit, the Excelsior Hotel in Ilium Novum and without second thoughts she applied for a job there.

Of course, she had to inform Jane about her job application, but her wife was happy that she had found one. And when Amy got a security clearance, her wife was very happy for her. But the good news was, that she would work while the princess was at the hotel.


Despite the amount of security agents surrounding her, Princess Tamyris Sexta was relieved to be out of her own country. Being a princess was not a fairytale and if she had a choice, her royal highness would quit as a princess. And in fact she hated to be a princess and to be next in line to the throne.

And then there was the fact that she was bisexual. Though political lesbianism was the official ideology of Amazonia, Tamyris was well aware that in fact most citizens were bisexual. Of course, most Amazonians would deny this and claim that they found men disgusting. In her country girls were subjected to misandrist indoctrination from a very young age.

The idea that sexual orientation was a choice and hence straight women were traitors to their gender, was ridiculous in her eyes. Also the idea that lesbian separatism would liberate women from oppression was a pure myth, Tamyris knew. In fact Amazonian society was one of the most hierarchical of all Spacer communities. Not only was the country an absolute monarchy, but also married couples were encouraged to practice domestic discipline in their relationship.


Amy was assigned with the supervision of the cleaning robots of the Excelsior Hotel. This position was perfect for her plan, as it would give her access to all rooms. And as part of her duty, she knew that Princess Tamyris was sleeping in room 820.

It was easy to put her letter in the room. Though Amy knew she would probably be fired, if her action would be discovered, she did not mind. Anyway, she would not drop the letter until the last day of the visit. Further she tried to avoid any direct contact with her royal highness.


Princess Tamyris was quite amused when she read Amy’s letter. The poor girl, she thought with compassion. Wanted she really to move to Amazonia? She had no idea how lucky she was not be allowed in that country. Maybe she need to told the truth, the princess thought.


“Amy,” her superior at the hotel said, “her royal highness has requested to speak with you in person. And I don’t why, but I hope you haven’t screwed anything up.” “I’ll see her,” the woman said. “Fine.”

A little nervous Amy went to room number 820, where she knocked on the door. When the door was opened, the princess looked at her. “Amy?” She nodded. “Please come in.” “Thank you, your highness.” Once inside, Tamyris said:

“Rule number one, don’t address me as ‘your royal highness’ in private. You might be surprised, but I hate to be a princess. Anyway, I want to discuss your letter.” “Could you help me?” Tamyris shook her head. “I am afraid, no. But you should understand that Amazonia is not a utopia. It’s a horrible country, its laws are full of senseless bigotry. And if your only wish is to be with your beloved wife, you should stay in this country.”

“But you will be Queen one day, should you not seek to alter those laws, to make them more fair?” “Maybe I should, but it’s unlikely to be successful. Bigotry is deeply ingrained in my country and they would fight any change away from political lesbianism. I can’t force them to see the error of their ways. Even if I were Queen. I am sorry, but I can’t help you.”

Amy did not know what to say, but she refused to accept this. The princess put her arm around her and said:

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay in touch with you. You are a brave woman and I admire that. Jane should be proud to be your wife.”


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  1. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

    1. If you want a next chapter, then I’ll write one.

      1. Yes, please. And include a bit about how to clean and repair robots. I’ve got one that is not doing its fair share.

      2. No problem. I love to write about robots, anyway.

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