Urandan Calendar

Though terrestrial years are used to date events in Urandan history here, they have their own calendar. The planet orbits its own star (Suya) in just under 367 days and the determination of leap years is based upon a complicated mathematical formula.

Gramatians count years since the foundation of the Empire in 577 BC. Hence they are currently living in 2593 AP. Benyans, however, uses the coronation of their first monarch (Ateh-ser) as the start of their calendar, so they live currently in 2561 AB. Despite the difference in year count, both countries celebrate new year at same day (first day of spring).

Months and weeks as we know them, are virtually non-existence in Urandan time-keeping. Dates are usually expressed as “5th day of autumn” or “60th day of summer”. Schools in both countries uses a 3 days at school and 1 day off schedule.


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