Haploid people

Scientists have created human stem cells with only one set of chromosomes. Normal human cells, including stem cells, have usually two copies of each chromosome (one from the father and one from the mother). More interestingly, they have succeeding in getting these haploid stem cells to multiply as if it were ordinary diploid cells.

According to the scientist, the purpose of their research is to study gene expression, which they believe is easier with haploid cells. However, as sf-writer it is tempting to speculate. If one can create such haploid stem cell, would it not be possible to grow a complete haploid human being?

A haploid human will necessarily be female, because a human embryo needs a X-chromosome to be viable. But that’s all we can say for know. Considering Turner syndrome we should wonder whether such persons would be, for instance, fertile. Maybe creating haploid people is not a good idea.


4 responses

  1. Oh, interesting. That would make for a great story backdrop.

    1. My idea was to write a story about haploid slaves, but I could not find a plot yet.

      1. Steal an existing one… the Exodus 🙂

      2. Also possible… But I have too many unfinished stories already.

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