Boltzmann brain and Maha Brahma

In Buddhist tradition there is a story about a conscious entity called Maha Brahma. According to the traditional story Maha Brahma was the first being who emerged after the universe came into existence. Because he was the first one, he felt lonely and he desired company. Fortunately other beings came into existence, which lead to MB’s mistaken believe he had created them and since his companions did not know better, they believed MB was their creator.

Nineteenth-century physicist Ludwig Boltzmann speculated that due to random fluctuations a self-aware entity might arise from chaos. This concept is known as a Boltzmann brain. However, this idea is a hypothetical one and it is far from certain that such entities actually exist or could exist.

Nevertheless, one could have noted a similarity between the Boltzmann brain and the story of Maha Brahma. So I wonder could Maha Brahma be in fact a Boltzmann brain?


7 responses

      1. Why would a BB impossible?

      2. It’s not. The thing is, though, without actually being the BB you can’t explain it. I’m not a/the BB.

      3. Interesting thought :).

  1. a self generating rumor. don’t ask me to “Explain!”. it just came into my mind.

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