In 2008 I had the plans for the following novels:

  • Opposition
  • The Tipler plot
  • The Celestial Conspiracy
  • A Second Life*
  • Take over*

Titles marked with (*) are definitely scrapped

By 2010 I shelved these plans as I turned to writing short stories (mainly because writing novels was harder than I imagined, so I followed Asimov’s advise and turned to short stories).

The main issue I face in writing fiction is that I have too many ideas for stories, more than I could work out. I have to choose but too often I cannot make a decision and end up with nothing.

Soon, somewhere in August, I intend to make a decision how to continue with my fiction writing. I have substantial material, unfinished stories (often in multiple versions). That will be the basis of my writing in the next five years. As now, the plan is as follows:

I will start in September with the Urando Trilogy, the successor to the Celestial Conspiracy, which will mean that my work on the Elysian universe will be suspended. (To be honest I am not quite content with the Elysian universe as it is.)

For this site, this will means that I will restrict myself to contemplations and reviews for the next year.


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