London might relocate

After the UK citizens voted to leave the European Union, the mayor of the British capital, Mr Sadiq Khan, has announced that the city has asked several renowned engeering agencies to investigate the possibility to move London to another location in Europe. At a press conference held earlier this day, the mayor said:

“It’s clear that Britain is no longer a suitable location for our city. Therefore we need to look at the possibility that London will be relocated from the UK.”

The physical relocation of the UK capital city is far from impossible. Buildings can be moved and a couple of years ago, a Swedish village was moved in its entirety to save it from collapse into the Earth’s mantle. However, the relocation of a city of twelve million people has never done before. Regarding the costs, Mr Khan says:

“Of course, the costs of this project are huge. But on the other hand the costs of staying at our present location might cost even more. A simple cost-benefit analysis shows that relocation from the UK to the continent is a sensible option.”

Nevertheless, the relocation of London would solve one problem, it would create many new problems. Not only is London a very pro-EU city, it’s also the seat of the UK government and Queen Elizabeth II. It is unclear whether Westminster and Buckingham Palace will also be relocated. Mr Khan is, however, optimistic those issues will be solved. According to him, the main problem is:

“We need to find a place in Europe, which is suitable for the city. A city of this size requires a lot of space. Greater London occupies about 600 square kilometers and it will be difficult an empty area that size somewhere in Europe.”


4 responses

  1. Float it! It can be the 1970`s pirate radio stations in the Channel.

    1. Initially, I wanted to write this one with that idea.

      1. Have you ever seen the Goodies episode when they do the oil rig radio station? It was the first thing that came to my mind.

      2. Nope, I haven’t seen it.

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