No utopias

From the comments I got from my loyal followers (BTW thanks for that!), I get sometimes the feelings that some readers think that the countries I invent are utopias somehow. But I need to warn every one of you, that none of the fictional societies in the stories on this site – regardless whether they are set in the Elysia universe or in the Urando series – have ever been intended to be perfect societies.

Though each nation might have its attractive sides, each of them has a dark side, a very dark side – if you would ask me. For instance in the Fempower Republic women have all opportunity to pursue a career, but simultaneously men are excluded from politics. And Amazonia, while a safe haven for lesbians, is highly bigoted to transgenders.

Sateliteland has enshrined both secularism and slavery in its constitution and Katangaria is a corporacratic dictatorship but allows much more immigrants than other space nation in the Elysia universe. And Urandan politics is dominated by two highly militaristic nations and one its head of state is a religious fundamentalist.

It has never been my intention to write about a perfect society. After all such “stories” are anything but interesting. In my stories I want to show the flaws of human nature and hence my characters will find sooner or later the backsides of the world they live in. for instance once Tamara gets her freedom, she finds out that society is highly indifferent towards her.

I like to create complex characters, not black-and-white, good-or-evil ones and so are their societies.


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