Religion in Elysia

Officially the Republic of Elysia is a secular state, though religious sentiments are present in public life and politics. According to the National Religion Survey conducted by the faculty for philosophy, humanist & religious studies of the University of Ilium Novum, the Elysian population can be divided as follows:

  • Agnostics 25%
  • Atheists 25%
  • Deists 25%
  • Pandeists 10%
  • Pantheists 10%
  • Other 5%

The last group primarily consists of theists and people who refused to answer.

The NRS shows that about 65% of the adult population consider themselves as religious, which includes nontheist religions such Buddhism and Religious Humanism. Important to note is that the Elysian authorities formally classify Marxism as a religion.

The so-called Abramaic religions are virtually absent in Elysia, the largest groups are the Society of Jesus – which combines Jesusism with pandeism – and the Christian Atheist Community. On the other hand the country has a substantial neo-pagan community, including the feminist Society of the Triple Goddess.

Evolution is accepted by 98,7% of the population, neo-raelians and post-raelians account for virtually all creationists in Elysia. This results in a somewhat paradoxical reality that Elysian atheist are less likely to accept evolution than theists.

In respect to the after-life, the population is divided almost fifty-fifty. About 45% does not believe in life after death, 45% believes in some type of after-life. Among the latter the most popular views of after-life are David Staume’s concept of reincarnation and Frank J. Tipler’s idea of resurrection in virtual reality.


8 responses

  1. What, if any, is the influence imposed by the religious on legislation? Is religion treated as a private affair or does it get to be expressed publicly?

    1. Religion is considered as a private affair and there is little public expression of religion as most citizen do not feel the need for “public religiosity”.

      Further any legislator who wish to propose religiously motivated laws, is clever enough to use secular language to hide any religious motives.

      1. In that case, I think Elysia is well set up. They might kill themselves for other things, but at least,my god is better than yours will not be one of them

      2. No, they kill each other mostly for money, not for “god”.

      3. At least that is something tangible, though vain

  2. I’d imagine a future (scientifically-literate) society would favour panpsychism more than any god-centred theistic belief system.

    1. Panpsychism is a concept which has my interest too.

      1. And Max Tegmark’s, in his 4th state of Matter.

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