Chalmers on panpsychism

Recently regular reader John Zande brought up the issue of panpsychism. Basically panpsychism is the position that conciousness is an inherent part of the universe. A modern advocate of panpsychism is Australian philosopher David J. Chalmer. In particular he has developed a theory of panprotopsychism. He explains his theory in the following article:

Panpsychism and Panprotopsychism by David J. Chalmers.


2 responses

  1. Nice find. It’s always interesting to note that panpsychism is as old as philosophy (western and eastern), yet in the west we’ve been completely badgered by theism and theistic beliefs trying to dominate public discourse.

    1. So true. Of course, it’s the result that western discourse has been dominated by monoteistic religions, while East Asian philosophy has a staunch nontheist foundation (e.g. Buddhism, Taois etc.).

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