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For those who do not know yet, I am working on a novel – the first installment of the Urando Trilogy. For the last few weeks I have worked on a (preliminary) chapter-by-chapter outline which is now finished. At the present 26 chapters are planned, though this number might change. The prime reason to use such chapter-by-chapter outline is to prevent a writers block.

The question you want to know is what’s the story about? You would probably guess my novel will be science fiction. Well, it’s, kind of. It’s not set in the (far) future, instead it more related to alternate history – but not completely. So genre classification is not easy.

Of course, the Urando Trilogy is about Urando, a planet located some 100 light-years away from us. During the Ice Age a group of extraterrestrials has transported a group of humans from our planet to Urando. However, now 25,000 years later, the descendants of those transported discover the way back to Earth and are planning to … well, that’s something I will keep secret for now.

Book 1 starts as a spy novel, as several high officials of international organizations become victims of serious crimes and also multiple major financial institutions suffer from a wide range of attacks.

Anyway, as I have finished the chpater-by-chapter outline, I have started with the first few chapters of this novel. At the moment I can’t say when it will be finished, though I am aiming at next summer but it might be later. Nor I have a definite estimate of the number of page, but 200+ is my target.

For more information on Urando, see here.


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  1. All the best. Will be looking forward to the book

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