The Bones of Mengele

Apparently the bones of one of the most notorious Nazi criminals, Josef Mengele, are kept at the São Paulo Legal Medical Institute and are now used to teach students of the University of São Paulo’s medical school. Unlike Mengele, those Nazis executed after the Neurenberg trial were cremated and their ashes were dispersed in a local river. Hence Mengele’s DNA is, theoretically, available.

For years I am planning a novel featuring the (fictious) daughter of Mengele, who was conceived using his DNA – despite the novel being set some 130 years after Mengele’s death. From this perspective it is quite interesting where to get his DNA, it’s in Brazil after all. (I will be honest I got the inspiration for this novel after reading The Boys from Brazil.)

Though details have varied over the last 14 years, the main plot of this novel will be as follows. The main character, a certain girl called Lotchen, lives in a 1984-like totalitarian society, located somewhere in the Outer Asteroid Belt. One day she manages to flee this country, which calls itself das vierten Reich, and subsequently arrives in Elysia, where she is granted asylum and put in a foster family.

After sometime…. Well, I should not spoil that much now.


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