This is an excerpt of a cancelled novel by me: The Dead of All My Enemies

I was sitting behind my desk, when my last surviving enemy stepped into my office. I looked up from my work, straight into the eyes of my arch nemesis. Perfectly calm I asked:

“What do you want?” “I want to end our animosity,” said my life-long adversary flatly. I started to shake my head and subsequently I said:

“Do you really believe we could ever be friends? After all those years of war between us?”

Now my last standing enemy became a little furious but said in a controlled fashion:

“No. I might be your wife one day but I will never be your friend. Nevertheless, there is no point in continuing our mutual animosity. All my accomplices are dead, as you know – since you have had a hand in their demise. I will accept my defeat and surrender to your terms. Not as a friend but as a warrior who has lost her battles.”

“You are an egoistic, selfish brat,” I replied emotionless. “You are only interested in saving your own skin. We both know, I have enough evidence to secure you a one-way ticket to death row – though I would prefer that you’ll get a life sentence instead.”

After a short silence my arch nemesis, replied:

“I am happy to hear you want to spare my life. That actually surprises me a bit, as you are responsible for the death of seventy-three people.” “That responsibility is shared by you as well,” I corrected my enemy. “You sent them after me. If you hadn’t done, most of them would be still alive now.”

Despite her claim to be willing to end our animosity, she looked at me with pure disgust.

“Anyway,” she said, “I will surrender to your terms. And if you want to think about, please take your time.”

Subsequently she turned around and marched out of my office.


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