Back from never gone

No, I am not gone. The last few months I was just busy to finish my thesis, so I had put my WP activity on a hold. Fortunately I have now completed my studies (finally) and hence I have now the time to do things I like more. Consequently I will resume posting stuff once more.

Nevertheless, I also resume work on my novel (part 1 of the Urando trilogy), so I won’t be posting too much here. But I intend to post at least once a week. What to expect? Mainly some background and contemplation stuff (mostly but not always) related to my novel. Occasionally I will post some flash fiction here or reviews of fiction I have read.

Speaking of my novel, I have currently written about 64 pages and the coming weeks I will revise the stuff I have written before continuing with the remainder. Though I have worked out a basic plot outline, I am still adding story lines – as I am still discovering stuff I think is great to include.


3 responses

  1. Congratulations and welcome back.
    Always a pleasure to see you around

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