The small islands

Urando is the name of a planet and its single continent, which is about the size of all terrestrial continents combined. Besides this super-continent there are several “small islands” on the planet. Though usually called small islands, several have sizes between that of Iceland and that of Greenland. These islands are scattered across the Urandan Ocean and most are uninhabited, due to the large distances between them and the mainland.

These “small islands” are nevertheless of great importance, both for fishing and military strategy. Hence many of these islands are claimed by the Great Powers (i.e. Gramatia, Benya, Colya, Fruytanya and Czezr). Each of them maintains military bases on those islands and several are used as penal colonies for convicted criminals.

Most of the wars fought between Gramatia and Benya during the period 1000-1900 AD were about the control of those islands. Many of these islands have changed “ownership” on multiple occasions. Despite several attempts by settlers, none have become sovereign states and it is highly unlikely this will happen anytime soon.


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