OTEC and Syn Fuel

In a previous post I discussed the potential of Ocean Thermal Energy conversion to meet Japan’s energy demand in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Below a video on how this method of energy generation works.

In the previous post I discussed the idea of using off shore OTEC plants to produce synthetic fuels, which are explained in another video.

The rationale for combining OTEC with synthetic fuel production is that the best spots for the former technology are in the middle of the ocean, far away from the consumers of energy. Synthetic fuel produced off shore could be shipped to where ever it is needed at relative low costs.

Also as a method to further the need for fuel window power as means of marine propulsion might see a comeback.


6 responses

    1. That’s why I am sharing it. Though these are the things I come across when doing research for my SF stories.

  1. OTEC is almost a perpetual motion machine! That’s fantastic!

    1. Well… it’s just another method to harvest the Sun’s energy…

      1. Be interesting to hear what amount of, as suggested, amonia it’ll need to turn a big enough turbine.

      2. That’s indeed an interesting question

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