I have not talked about my Urando Trilogy for quite some time. However, that does not mean that I have not worked on it. Mostly I am working on the background of the series.

As Urando is the result of my long interest in world building – for long time I even was unsure of writing stories related to it – the political and social-economic situation is critical to the very plot of the series.

What are relations between the nations of Urando? What factors determine their policies and most important of all, how does all of this effect Urandan attitudes toward Earth?

The very issue that underlines the story is what is known as the EUW. As this is the connection between our solar system and that of Urando, the question of whom has control of it, is of the utmost importance. In regard of this debate, there are three schools of thought (I will not yet tell which they are, just that there are three of those).

These conflicting policies and the divide among Urandan politicians, makes the series more than just a simple story of Terrestrials versus Alien invaders.


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