Brexit blues

It is clear beyond any doubt that the UK is currently suffering a severe constitutional crisis. Today a Scottish court has ruled that the current suspension of the UK parliament is unlawful.

In short the highest court of Scotland, the Inner House of the Court of Session, beliefs that the Johnson administration is prorogued parliament for the wrong reason, i.e. to prevent it from scrutinizing its actions.

This is an unique and highly unusual move as prorogation is a normal part of the British political system but such a suspension usually only lasts for a couple of days not for five whole weeks as now.

Additionally the new law prohibiting a no-deal Brexit passed against Johnson’s wishes, might eventually lead him being thrown in jail – if he would violate it.

Assuming that the UK survives Brexit, it almost certainly that the law on prorogation will be reformed – in a similar fashion as the Fixed-Term Parliament Act – by providing strict rules and limitation on when and for how long Parliament could be prorogued.

4 responses

  1. Looks like Boris is going to find himself in a Trumpian situation with courts finding his actions illegal

    1. If he has any decency, BJ should apologizes to QEII for giving her misleading advice…

      1. I don’t know but all indications point to the direction of decency being foreign to BJ

      2. Indeed, hence the “if”…

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