The planet of Urando is the setting of my world building “project” I am working on for the last twenty years. As I am trained as a political scientist I spend a lot of detail into the politics, international relations and societies of countries on this world. However, an important part of world building is creating the languages those people speak.

And this part of world building is known as “conlanging” – from constructed language. As there are about 63 nations on Urando there are several hundreds languages spoken on the planet of which Gramatian has by far the most speakers. And since Gramatia is the central nation of this world, I have spend the most efforts in its rather complicated grammar* – which will be discussed in another post.

Gramatian itself is a member of the East-Urandan language family but there are many other languages and languages families – each with their own features. I will, if time permits and I am in the mood for it, occasionally post some of those language designs here.

As a final note: none of the languages of Urando I have designed are intended as auxiliary languages. Above all  I do not believe in the feasibility of auxlangs and also I could not care if any person would be interested in learning any of “my” languages.

*The phrase Gramatian Grammar is a bit of a joke.

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