Deep Sea Mining

The combination of population growth and increased level of wealth, result in an increased demand of mineral resources. However, most easily accessible deposits have already been depleted. Therefore attention is shifting towards the ocean floor as a supplier of resources.

Though the ocean contains a lot of mineral resources, it is unclear how deep sea mining will affect our global ecosystem. The strange thing is that we know more about the surface of the Moon or even of Mars than what is going on in two-thirds of our own planet.

Below two excellent videos on the concept of deep sea mining and its risks for the environment.

The second video also discuss the medical benefits deep sea marine life could offer and could be destroyed by deep sea mining:

See here for another post I wrote on the subject of deep sea mining.

4 responses

  1. I didn’t watch the first video but watched most of the second.
    I didn’t come away feeling optimistic. Not from any scientific expertise that I (don’t) have. But from the leadership of villains that I know we have.
    So many beautiful creatures deep in the ocean.

    1. >> So many beautiful creatures deep in the ocean.

      I agree. Some really bizarre ones among them. If you want to look for true alien life, you should look beneath the ocean rather in deep space.

      Hopefully, we can show to more people the beauty of the deep marine ecosystem.

  2. Many creatures in the ocean deep
    That we may never see
    Floating swimming with a leap
    Alien to you and me

    Along the ocean floor they creep
    Do they ever stop for tea
    Perhaps a nightmare as you sleep
    From which you try to flee

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