On this site I will publish stories from my hand, most of this stories are mundane science fiction, a sub-genre of (hard) science fiction.

Mundane science fiction are stories set in the near future and either on Earth or in our Solar System, further this type of science fiction is based on the current state of scientific knowledge. Although I might deviate a little bit of the rules of mundane science fiction, you will not find “sword and planet”, “faster than light” or similar stories.

Space colonization is a central theme of most of the stories I will place on this site, in particular I will deal with the political and social issues related to space colonization. Further I will explore in my stories different types of societies and new ways of life.

All kind of emerging technologies will be discussed in the stories, but mostly within the context of their consequences for society. As general rule I will not use hyper-links in the stories on this site. If necessary I place at the end of a story a short list of hyper-links about the key concepts of that story.

In addition to MSF stories will also publish the Urando series here, even though this does fall within the realm of mundane science fiction as it features interstellar travel (but not intergalactic travel) and an extraterrestrial intelligence (though these aliens seemed to have disappeared).

The Urando series are mainly an exercise in world building rather than science fiction. The stories in this series are set in the past and present. To some extent the Urando series can be thought of as fantasy but without magic or supernatural elements.

Besides fiction I will also publish reviews and my contemplations regarding science and fiction on this site.

In general I will not place stories written by other authors, you do not have to submit any story to me. Instead you can create your own site on WordPress, and place you stories there. You might send me a link to your site, and if I think it’s appropriate I will place a link to your site under our “Featured Links” section.

Comments are welcome, but I will moderate all comments and I alone will decide on whether a comment will be approved. For our  comment policy, see here.

2 responses

  1. An interesting idea – ‘mundane science fiction’ – not one I’ve come across before. It’ll be something to explore.

    1. I found the term accidentally on Wikipedia and its description matched the majority of fiction I write.

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