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A short intro to the history of the Gramatian language

By courtesy of Teameir Yfatrayan

Gramatian is the de facto official language of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union (CGU) and is the native language of about eighty-five percent of the population. The other major languages spoken in the realm are (in order of number of native speakers) the Tineke language, Tarkazian, Benyan and Luyfian. Continue reading →

The Tale of Two Sisters

The history of the relations of the two greatest powers of Urando, Gramatia and Benya, is complicated and dates back to the very formation of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union and the subsequent expulsion of Emperor Pimpèl’s enemies from Azeya. After they were forced from their homeland, these exiles (Bena in Gramatian) fled to the North and under leadership of Benkir I they formed their own state. As is usually the case with two young, expansionist states, the border between both soon became a contested issue. And even two and a half thousand years later, both nations still dispute the ownership of the former Kingdom of Tobea. Continue reading →

Characters: Marilyn Graham

Full name: Marilyn Eleonore Graham

Country of birth: United States of America

Year of birth: 1989

Nationality: US

Profession: formerly actuary specialized in fraud detection at an insurance company, currently employed by the CIA

Most famous/notorious for: being abducted by Urandan secret agents

Main rivals: the Unified High Command of Urando, Safeya Sakuraya (RAY*)

Main allies: Victoria A. Sukova (GRU), Paul Rogers (CIA)

Featured in: The Urando Trilogy  (one of the protagonists)

*Gramatian Intelligence Service, falls directly under the command of Empress Aleyzeya. (b. 1980, r. 1999-present)

Elynesian public holidays

This is a list of all federal public holidays in the Republic of Elynesia:

  • January 1st
  • March 1st
  • May 1st
  • June 21st
  • Juli 20th
  • August 25th
  • October 4th
  • December 23rd

Bankers & Small Children

I cannot help but to share the following article I found on ScienceDaily:

Cocky kids: the four-year-olds with the same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers

I will quote:

The cognitive bias has been consistently observed among a number of professions including business executives, bankers and physicians across different countries and cultures but a new study led by Dr Dominik Piehlmaier indicates that overconfidence is persistent and widespread during early childhood.

The research also found that girls were more successful than boys at a card game in the study thanks to a more low-risk strategy but also experienced greater swings between overconfidence and lack of confidence in their abilities.


“Girls’ behaviour is much more unpredictable. When the girls’ overconfidence plot is compared to their payoffs, it can be noticed that they closely align.

So the question are bankers behaving like little children or are little children acting like bankers? What do you think? Should we treat bankers the same way as we will deal with children?

Spacer marriage customs

This post is actually two-in-one.

Part 1 Spacer wedding vows [1]

Elynesian wedding vows (citizens only):

“We promise to faithfully serve Our Nation and to obey its Laws and to raise our children as good and loyal Citizens.”

Elynesian society is based upon the idea that citizens should put their country above all, including their own spouses, and that one’s foremost patriotic duty is to conceive and raise as many as children as possible. Continue reading →

Bizarre thoughts…

This morning I woke up with this news: US surpasses China for highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world (The Guardian). Given that the Dutch authorities expect a declin in GDP of between 1.2 to 7.7, the US economy would probably suffer even worse.

So I could not help to wonder if I should be thankful, if due Trump’s administration incompetent handling of the Covid-19 crisis in the US, I would be able to marry the woman I love? Of course, I do not want the collapse if the US economy, only to get what I desire. That would be a horrible and selfish attitude.

On a side note: Personally I did forswear marriage in 2002, only to backtrack on it a few years later, to reinstate my pledge “to never marry” in 2013. And actually I am still doubtful on a possible 2022 wedding…

The Sperm Theft Case – Time line

The Sperm Theft Case is a background story behind the Elynesia universe. That means that though it referred to in other stories, we are not going to see its events directly. Though its serves as the backbone of some other plots, I have decided to publish a time line of events here. Continue reading →

O Tempora, O Mores

This morning I went to my local supermarket to do some groceries. Of course, there were many empty shelves but what I found most remarkable, was what shelves were empty. The Crisps were virtually completed sold out!

I know, we are in the middle of a pandemic but folks, if you are going to hoard, get at least your priorities right. This is not the potato plague, it are humans who got sick. Crisps are the last thing you need right now, buy fruit and vegetables to strengthen your immune system.

I spoke to the store’s manager and he agreed with me that people act strangely in this weird and difficult times. So did another customer I spoke.

Neuromorphic computers?

ScienceDaily reports that researchers from Texam A&M University have found an inorganic material, β’-CuxV2O5, that mimics the transmission of neural signals within the human brain. Though neuromorphic computers are not expected in the near future, this discovery might eventually lead to the development of computers that “think” in a similar manner to humans. Continue reading →