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More on sociograms

In the last post I mentioned drawing sociograms as a method to keep control over a story as you continue to write. Some people might have trouble to understand this concept, so I have drawn a sociagram of one of my stories and put a scan of it below (click on it to enlarge).

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Worldbuilding, characters and complexity

Creating a new world a great challenge for both science fiction and fantasy writers. You want to create a realistic or at least believable world and complexity is one the things that gives an imaginary world credibility. However, in a quest to add complexity to their story authors are often tempted to add more and more characters on the fly. Continue reading →

LRO update

I just published a new installment of my The Lunar Radio-Observatory story. You can know read:

Office Talk

Urando trilogy: update

I have made an update to the working titles of the volumes of this series:

  1. The Celestial Conspiracy
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. The Scramble for Earth

Nothing is definitive at this stage, so things might and probably will change.

Just a few words

From my Wattpad profile:

From a young age I have been fascinated by science and technology. In particular I am interested in how technological “progress” will affect society and it this very interaction between humans and their creations, I like to explore in my writings. Most of my work is so-called mundane science fiction, set in the near future (i.e. the next two hundred years) and primarily within our Solar system. Continue reading →

The Lunar Radio Observatory

The previous installments of this story were published on this site, but according to my new policy, I have just published two new parts on Wattpad.

You can read all published parts here.

A short sneak preview:

On the other side of the Moon, Lisandra Wendell y Verdas was sitting in her office. She was the general manager of the Grimaldi Resort, the oldest and also the largest of all Lunar tourist resorts. On her desk were laying the plans for a new resort, one to build on the far-side. While enjoying a glass of the finest wine available on the Earth’s only natural satellite – the resort had a special greenhouse for the cultivation of grapes – the woman was studying the documents with great interest.

Terminology: Winux

“Winux” refers to any combination of Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux, such as:

  • Linux + Wine
  • Linux + Windows VM
  • Windows + Linux subsystems
  • Windows + Linux VM

Harry Potter and the Magical Gene

The way magic is inherited in the Harry Potter universe cannot properly explained by Mendel’s law regarding dominant and recessive genes. Also a polygenetic model of inheritance does not seem to fit the examples provided in the official HP canon. However, I believe that there is one method known to modern genetics that perfectly fits. Continue reading →


I have decided no longer to post stories on this website. Instead I have created account on Wattpad and from now on I will publish my stories there. On this site I will continue to post my musings (“contemplation”) and the occasional reviews.

Amazonian Family Code

The Family Code of the Queendom of Amazonia, has the following structure:

Title 1 Natural Persons

Title 2 Descendants and Adoption

Title 3 Marriage

Section 1 The Legal Consequences of Marriage

This section defines marriage as a union between two women of at least seventeen years of age.

It establishes that the junior spouse owes obedience to her senior spouse.

It further deals with the legal position of a junior spouse and with matrimony.

Section 2 Dissolution of Marriage

There are two ways how a marriage can be dissolved: annulment and divorce.

It establishes the grounds for annulment and provides three for grounds for divorce:

  • neglect of marital duties
  • adultry
  • criminal conviction

Section 3 Child Custody After Dissolution

Section 4 Recognition of Foreign Marriages

This part establishes, among other things, that a marriage between a man and a woman is null and void.

Title 4 Inheritance

Title 5 Curatelle

Title 6 Provisions Regarding The Royal Family