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Country files: Faiakea

Name: The Republic of Faiakea

Primary location: Main Asteroid Belt

Form of government: unitary parliamentary republic

Capital city: Ogygia

Economic system: warrantism, distributism

Official ideology/state religion: hedonic realism

Founded: 2057

Role in international relations: small power

Main allies: none, isolationist state

Main rivals: most other spacer nations

National Anthem: the joy of work

National sport: paintball hunting


Country files: The Ape Republic

Name: Le Republica de Simia

Primary location: Sun-Earth Lagrange points

Form of government: Consociational unitary republic

Capital city: Bokito city

Economic system: Mixed-market economy

Official ideology/state religion: none

Founded: 2100s

Role in international relations: middle power

Main allies: Elysia

Main rivals: Satelliteland

National anthem: Up town, monkey town

National sport: none

Featured in: The campaigner

Country-files (Urando series): Colya

Name: The Federal Republic of Colya

Form of government: semi-presidential federal republic

Capital city: Wixia

Economic system: mixed-market economy

Official ideology/state religion: none since “Disestablishment Act of 1922”

Founded: 1256 AD (independence), 1922 (abolition of monarchy)

Role in international relations: great power

Main allies:  Gramatia, Czezr, Luyfn

Main rivals: Benya, Fruytanya, Kiang

National anthem: Vole-ta Colya

National sport: Kepling (a sport similar to dodgeball)

Country-files (Urando series): Benya

Second country-file of the Urando series

Name: The Commonwealth of the Benyan Union

Form of government: presidential republic

Capital city: Jundersaft

Economic system: mixed-market economy with strong state intervention

Official ideology/state religion: atheism (per Atheism Act of 1895)

Founded: 495 BC

Role in international relations: Superpower

Main allies: Fruytanya, Kiang

Main rivals: Gramatia, Czezr, Colya, Luyfn

National anthem: Benya Maghat’

National sport: Sword fighting

Country-files (Urando series): Gramatia

For the Elysia Universe I have published several “country files” but in the Urando series there are 63 countries. So I have decided to publish the country files of Urandan nations. Continue reading →

Country-files: Union of Uranian Settlements

Name: Union of Uranian Settlements

Primary location: Uranus

Form of government: confederation of city-states under international suzerainty

Capital city: Herschel City (de facto)

Economic system: resource export-based

Official ideology/state religion: none

Founded: 2150

Role in international relations: small power

Main allies: none

Main rivals: none

National anthem: Probing Uranus

National sport: none

Featured in: TBA

Country-files: Katangaria

Name: The Colony of Katangaria

Primary location: Earth-Moon Lagrange points

Form of government: Corporatocracy

Capital city: Katangaria City (de facto)

Economic system: plantation economy

Official ideology/state religion: maximizing corporate profits, tax evasion

Founded: 2040

Role in international relations: small power

Main allies: Elysia, Earth

Main rivals: none

National anthem: Dolly Parton’s “Nine to five” (de facto)

National sport: polo

Featured in: TBA

Country files: The Federation of the Jovian Republic

Name: The Federation of the Jovian Republic

Form of government: federal parliamentary republic

Capital city: de facto Galileo city, Ganymedes

Economic system: quasi-command economy

Founded: 2093, dissolved autumn 2146

Role in international relations: satellite state of Federation of Asteroid Republics

Main allies: Federation of Asteroids Republics

Main rivals: the Eurasian Confederation, Elysia, Confederation of Socialist Republics

National Anthem: The Jovian March

National sport: none

Featured in: Declaration of Independence

Country files: Cockayne

Name: The State of Cockayne

Primary location: Sun-Earth Lagrange points

Form of government: technocratic machine rule

Capital city: Veblen city

Economic system: Post-capitalist distribution through energy credits

Official ideology/state religion: egalitarianism, human leisure

Founded: 2060s

Role in international relations: small power

Main allies: none, neutral country

Main rivals: none, neutral country

National anthem: Ode to Leisure

National sport: beach volleyball

Featured in: TBA

Country files: the Confederation of Socialist Republics

Name: The Confederation of Socialist Republics

Primary location: Earth-Sun Lagrange points

Form of government: confederation

Capital city: the Confederal District of the CSR

Economic system: parecon in some republics, market socialism in others

Official ideology/state religion: democratic socialism

Founded: 2030s

Role in international relations: super power

Main allies: Elysia, the Fempower republic

Main rivals: the FAR (formerly), Eurasia

National anthem: Workers Unite!

National sport: –

Featured in: TBA