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The Interview

The immigration officer was quite bored when a took a nicotine gum from its package in order to put it in his mouth. He had interviewed more than two dozens of prospective immigrants that day and it was already late. Nevertheless he was not yet able to leave his office as there was one applicant left to be interviewed. While he was chewing the immigration officer asked the man sitting on the opposite side of his desk: Continue reading →

Alice v. Bob

In August 2065 the civil bench of the Elysian Supreme Court issued a notorious verdict, commonly known as the Alice v. Bob 2065 case. Continue reading →

Why do we spank robots

Susan A. Brooks, Chief Technology Officer at the Elysian Android and Robot Corporation (EARC), speech for new robot psychologists:

Many people has asked me why spanking robots is necessary. The answer is that spanking robots is not necessary but it’s nevertheless a good practice. Why?

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The hearing

A middle-aged, hairy man stepped into a small room. There he found a half-dozen of other folks, who did not look at him with joy. Quite the contrary, he could see the others were angry, very angry at him. He would not be here, if he were not summoned to come to this place – and even being summoned was not sufficient reason for him to actually show up here. It was their threat to kill him, if he did not come here, which convinced him to joy these folks. Continue reading →

The Dreamer

Empress Aleyzeya of Gramatia was sitting in her office, busy with reading official documents, when a guard stepped into her office. The empress looked up and said:

“What’s the matter?” “An envoy of the Synarch of Ak’nal has arrived and he claims to have an important message for you.” Continue reading →

Adverse effects

A man stepped into an office which belonged to a certain Doctor Barbara Brooks, a renowned psychiatrist.

“You wanted to speak with me?” “Yes, ma’am. About my girl-friend Angela Bricks.” “I see,” the psychiatrist said while she nodded. She pulled a file from her drawer and put it on her desk. Continue reading →

List of dependent space settlements (Elysia universe)

In the Elysia universe many space settlements are sovereign states, i.e. they are independent from terrestrial governments. However, there are in this fictional universe several dependent space settlements owned by terrestrial governments – in a similar fashion to 19th century colonialism. Continue reading →

The Confession

Helen Green had been a minister of the Society of the Triple Goddess, the largest religious denomination in the Fempower Republic, for the last twenty-five years. Though she was raised herself in a nonreligious but strictly feminist family, she had always felt a spiritual need. At age sixteen she formally joined the Society and was ordained at age twenty-two. Continue reading →

The Lunar Radio Observatory


The far side of the Moon is an excellent location for radio telescopes as it is shielded from the intense radio transmissions on Earth and the presence of a fair number of large craters. In particular the Daedalus crater (with diameter of 93 kilometers) near the center of the far side, was found very suitable for the largest radio telescope in our Solar system. Hence it was no surprise that in the late 2020s Europe, Russia, Japan and India joined forces and worked together to create the Lunar Radio Observatory. Continue reading →

The Countess of Waklau

I was walking on the street, when a white van was approaching me. In first instance I did not think much of the situation, as white vans are quite common and probably the driver needed to be there for some reason I could not care about. So I continued my walk, but the van followed me and still I was not worried. Continue reading →