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Story Announcement

In a future where jobs on Earth are increasingly scarce, a young woman is excited when she is offered a job as a governess in a space settlement. After accepting the job, however, she suddenly find herself in a strange web of government secrets – with her mysterious pupil at the very center of it.

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Cover credits: photo by Vincent Anderson on Unsplash, edited with GIMP


Lobbying in Elynesia

The Elynesian Android and Robotic Corporation or EARC is one of the largest enterprises within the Republic of Elynesia. This multi-trillion business has naturally its own interests, which it seeks to protect and hence it should not surprise anyone that EARC maintains an active lobby machinery.

Around the Solar System its lobbyists have been involved in the following:

  • campaigns to reduce working hours
  • campaigns to raise minimum wages across the Solar System
  • campaigns to improve work safety standards
  • funding of trade unions
  • funding legal assistance for various people to sue their employers
  • to increase penalties for using child labor
  • sponsoring anti-slavery groups
  • campaigns to restrict immigration
  • promotion of legislation to abolish indentured servitude

The effectiveness of its lobby campaigns vary from country to country – though it is most effective in Elynesia – and from issue to issue. However, since EARC has substantial cash reserves the corporation can easily persists its lobbying for decades.

Though Elynesia has very strict rules regarding lobbying, EARC has found many workarounds and the company hardly conceals its stances from the public. In fact it places ads in several major media outlets to promote its causes – virtually always accompanied with its logo.

Education in Gramatia

After Emperor Pimpèl founded the Gramatian state, he also introduced compulsory education and military conscription for all citizens. That both education and military service were (and still are, even twenty-five centuries later) mandatory, is no coincidence. Just one look at the traditional Gramatian school curriculum reveals their relation:

  • reading and writing
  • arithmetics
  • geometry
  • logic and grammar
  • equestarianism
  • archery (girls) / swordsmanship (boys)
  • Takamu (a strategic board game, similar to chess)

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Lunar radio-observatory (Updates)

I have added a new part to my ongoing story “The Lunar Radio-Observatory” on Wattpad. Please, check it out. For those unfamiliar to the story, here a short intro:

Fifty years have passed since humans returned to the Moon, when a scientist arrives on the Far Side of Earth’s only natural satellite. Though formally sent to head a scientific mission located at the Lunar Radio Observatory, his real mission is to lead an investigation in regard of establishing a second radio telescope of the Far Side.

However, the Moon is not only interesting for scientists but also for project developers. And as a four-decade-old arrangement banning tourist resorts on the Far Side is about to lapse, these project developers are eager to build a new hotel there. This brings the scientists on a collision course with the project developers.

In this story we follow both sides of the “debate”, the scientists and the project developers. In addition the Moon has become the object of a political dispute between Earths and Space settlers.

Characters: motives and actions

Reason is, and only ought to be the slave of the passions – David Hume.

Though one can disagree with Hume’s position on reason and passion (desire), this quote does, however, describe how I perceive characters in my work.

In my stories I seek to build the plot around characters who have rational plans to achieve their personal aims, which are based on their passions or desires. Clashes between characters, however, arise from the fact that different persons have conflicting passions.

And to lesser extent tension is also caused by the fact characters have only incomplete or even false information, causing them to make mistakes in the pursuit of their ends. False information, of course, might be supplied by those with different aims in order to manipulate the actions of other people.

On a deeper level, a single character might even have conflicting passions, causing internal conflict. For instance, an abolitionist may be in love with a slave owner despite her desire to abolish slavery. Or a person has to choose between two or more ends, because they cannot be achieved together.

As a related issue I like to explore how society and technological progress affects how we choose our aims. What I mean certain developments might make our aims obsolete or creates entirely new desires. And social expectations might drive human and other sentient beings to act differently than how they would act without such pressure.

Finally, over the course a characters life he or she might change his or her passions, desires and aims as the result of increased knowledge and life experience.

Getting married in Elynesia

In order to have your marriage to be legally recognized by the Elynesian authorities you have to marry in a civil ceremony at either a city hall in Elynesia or at an Elynesian embassy or consulate (if one or both prospective spouses live abroad). Continue reading →

LRO: new installment

I have just published part 5 of my story “The Lunar Radio-Observatory” on Wattpad. You can read it here.

Elysia and indentured servitude

As pointed out earlier the Republic of Elysia has not signed the The Lagrangian-Martian Convention on Indenture, even though it has been the most important of all spacer nations in terms of demographics and economics. Despite not signing this convention, indentured servitude has not been illegal in Elysia – though many mistakenly believe this to be the case. The question is why did they not join this convention? Continue reading →

LRO update

I just published a new installment of my The Lunar Radio-Observatory story. You can know read:

Office Talk

The Lunar Radio Observatory

The previous installments of this story were published on this site, but according to my new policy, I have just published two new parts on Wattpad.

You can read all published parts here.

A short sneak preview:

On the other side of the Moon, Lisandra Wendell y Verdas was sitting in her office. She was the general manager of the Grimaldi Resort, the oldest and also the largest of all Lunar tourist resorts. On her desk were laying the plans for a new resort, one to build on the far-side. While enjoying a glass of the finest wine available on the Earth’s only natural satellite – the resort had a special greenhouse for the cultivation of grapes – the woman was studying the documents with great interest.