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This is an excerpt of a cancelled novel by me: The Dead of All My Enemies

I was sitting behind my desk, when my last surviving enemy stepped into my office. I looked up from my work, straight into the eyes of my arch nemesis. Perfectly calm I asked: Continue reading →

Adverse effects

A man stepped into an office which belonged to a certain Doctor Barbara Brooks, a renowned psychiatrist.

“You wanted to speak with me?” “Yes, ma’am. About my girl-friend Angela Bricks.” “I see,” the psychiatrist said while she nodded. She pulled a file from her drawer and put it on her desk. Continue reading →

Pony play

Though betting on horse racing had been illegal for several years, the old hippodrome still attracts hundreds of men, women and children each weekend. And the bookmakers were still busy with taking bets on the races in the hippodrome, since the clever entrepreneurs had found a legal loophole to continue their profitable business. Continue reading →

The ZM-universe: the laws of citizenship

In the ZM-universe, an absurdist society I invented some years ago, citizens are supposed to follow the following laws, known as the laws of citizenship.

  1. A Citizen may not injure The Government;
  2. A Citizen must cooperate with The Government except when such cooperation would violate the first law;
  3. A Citizen must protect its own existence as long as this does not violate the first law;
  4. A Citizen may do as it sees fit, except when this would violate the first, second or third law.

The main plot is a conspiracy of ZM and her accessory N44 to take over The Government (colloquially known as The Gov). It’s obvious that ZM does not care much about the above laws.


My girlfriend Eleonore is a biologist, to be more precise she is a mammalogist. Mammalogy is the scientific study of mammals. Her specialization is the evolution of mammary glands, so if you want to know who female humans has breasts, you should ask my girlfriend. Continue reading →

The Antarctic Colonization Society

Somewhere in Montevideo, summer of 2019

Vicky entered a side room of a busy bar. In the room she saw a couple of dozen people, most of them were male. Nevertheless the thirty-year old woman felt quite comfortable in their company, not in the last place because her fiancée was one of the leading figures of the group. Continue reading →

Public Execution

This story was written shortly after Catalonia banned bullfighting in that country.

For more than ten years I have been witnessing the execution of death sentences. I was a third year student at college, when I was recruited as Federal Execution Witness. I had to do several hard psychological tests, before I was accepted to this position. During my career I have witnessed the executions of murderers, rapists, and pedosexuals. Continue reading →

Antarctic government orders fusion reactor

From the Elysian Republican, May 2059

From our correspondent in London, UK

The Republic of Antarctica government announced this morning that it has decided to purchase a 10 GW fusion reactor from France. This decision marks an important change in the energy policy of Earth’s southern most nation. Since the colonization of Antarctica, i.e. Mary Bird Land, began in the late 2020s, the Republic of Antarctica has relied on wind power as its principal source of energy. Continue reading →

Earth’s last coal fired power plant has been shut down

From the Elysian Republican, November 2068

From our correspondent in London, UK

Yesterday the last remaining operational coal-fired power station has been decommissioned. The combined cycle station used coal gasification to generate electricity, while its waste heat was used for household heating and its exhaust carbon-dioxide was sequestered in depleted gas fields. Continue reading →

The new girl in town

One of the most remarkable things in my young life happened just a few years ago, when I was twenty-three years old. In that time I served as the apprentice of the Townman of the town where I was born, the first step in my career as a bureaucrat. One of the tasks of the Townman is to take care of updating the list of residents in his or her town, a job which is normally delegated to a minor official like the Townman’s apprentice.

For this reason I was one of the first persons who was informed that a long time abandoned mansion was bought by a young lady. The daughter of our local real estate maker, who was also a former classmate of mine, visited me at my office at the town hall. “Asaph, I have come to you to tell that my dad has sold that old mansion at the edge of our town.” “Mariette, the mansion of late Paterson?” “Yes, that one.” “To whom?” “Some young blond lady, I believe her name is Daniella Young.” “Do you know when she is moving to our town?” “Well, my dad sold the mansion yesterday, she said she will move in this weekend.” “I will visit her this weekend. Thank you, Mariette.” “You’re welcome, my dear.” Continue reading →