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Movim is an open source, decentralized and standardized social network. Unlike competitors like “facebook” it is not driven by financial interest but is instead funded through donations. So there are no adds and also the privacy of its users is respected.

Interestingly Movim is not hosted on a single server but on several ones. Each user can select a server he or she likes, located in a country of one’s preference. Also everyone is able to set up a new Movim server.

I have created a Movin account (just look me up on Movim – my user name is Mordanicus).

More info:


Back from never gone

No, I am not gone. The last few months I was just busy to finish my thesis, so I had put my WP activity on a hold. Fortunately I have now completed my studies (finally) and hence I have now the time to do things I like more. Consequently I will resume posting stuff once more. Continue reading →

Some announcements

There will be a view changes on this site. First of all, from now on stories* will be published only in the weekend (according to CET). Secondly fiction will be published once or twice a month. Reviews articles and general musings (“contemplation”) might be published at any time I see fit.

Though I will resume work on this site, publications will be infrequent. I will not guarantee anything will be published at all, but I will try to publish at least one story a month, most likely some flash fiction.

*This includes the background articles.

A new blog

I am considering to start a new blog, where I will discuss things related to computer programming and philosophy. The idea is to leave this site, Fascinating Future, for (science) fiction only (as it has been in the past). At this moment it is not clear when I will create that new blog or what its name will, you will be kept up to date.

Idea for a sitcom

Sitcoms are not my favorite type of TV programs, but today I conceived the following idea for a sitcom. This show is centered around a working single mother of three. The main purpose of this sitcom is to give the public a positive view of working single parents.

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A proposal for a machine language

Many people will be familiar with high level programming languages such as Basic, Java, C++ or Perl. These languages are designed to be understandable by humans, but they have to be translated into machine language before a computer can executed a program. There are programs which will do this translation, we call those compilers. In this post I will propose a machine language. Continue reading →

On python

I will start this post by stating that I am used to write computer programs in C++. It’s the language I have learned at college, and I am quite comfortable with C++. Hence it is unlikely that I will abandon this language anytime soon. Continue reading →

Expensive boots

On Why Evolution is true by Jerry Coyne, I read this post about a set of quite expensive cowboy boots. I think Daniella Young would like those boots, even if those are probably not made of human skin.