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Obviously you might have noticed that I have not post anything recently. The reason is simply, I do not agree with the course “WordPress” has taken and consequently I have decided to leave platform this summer.

What I am doing? First of all, I have a business to run. However, in my sparse free time, I am working on a substantial overhaul of my Elynesia Universe. A few major changes are:

  • Satelliteland will now be named Satnalia
  • Elynesia will finally get a proper currency name instead of the “credit”
  • Each major nation within this fictional universe will be assigned a language

Also I am planning a revision of my Urando Triology -which I will gave an update at a later moment. For now, I wish you all a nice day and stay safe and healthy!


The planet of Urando is the setting of my world building “project” I am working on for the last twenty years. As I am trained as a political scientist I spend a lot of detail into the politics, international relations and societies of countries on this world. However, an important part of world building is creating the languages those people speak.

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When we discuss the history and current affairs of Urando, most of our attention goes to the Big 5 states. However, there are about 60 other nations on this planet and each of them has it own interesting culture and history. Today we will have a closer look at the mysterious island nation of Lainousta. Continue reading →

The Great War of Urando – 1900-1920 part 1


See here for a map of Urando

In 1895 the mayor of the capital of Fruytanya, Kisslar staged a coup against the corrupt and highly unpopular Atèh-ser of the country. The monarchy was subsequently abolished and Fruytanya becomes a republic with Kisslar as president.

His politics could be described to a Terrestrial audience as a mixture of conservatism, nationalism, socialism and authoritarianism. Though the Kisslar regime was harsh, the government enjoyed wide popular support, especially after the crack down of the rampant corruption that plagued the country for decades. Continue reading →


Tinèkè* is one of the seven provinces that constitute the Commonwealth of the Gramation Union. And with a population of about 250 million it is the second most populous province of the realm, after Azeya. In regard of territory it comes after Azeya, Tobeya, Robeya and Xariastin. The province covers most of the Tinèkè basin and the region derives its name from the river. Continue reading →

A short intro to the history of the Gramatian language

By courtesy of Teameir Yfatrayan

Gramatian is the de facto official language of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union (CGU) and is the native language of about eighty-five percent of the population. The other major languages spoken in the realm are (in order of number of native speakers) the Tineke language, Tarkazian, Benyan and Luyfian. Continue reading →

The Tale of Two Sisters

The history of the relations of the two greatest powers of Urando, Gramatia and Benya, is complicated and dates back to the very formation of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union and the subsequent expulsion of Emperor Pimpèl’s enemies from Azeya. After they were forced from their homeland, these exiles (Bena in Gramatian) fled to the North and under leadership of Benkir I they formed their own state. As is usually the case with two young, expansionist states, the border between both soon became a contested issue. And even two and a half thousand years later, both nations still dispute the ownership of the former Kingdom of Tobea. Continue reading →

Characters: Marilyn Graham

Full name: Marilyn Eleonore Graham

Country of birth: United States of America

Year of birth: 1989

Nationality: US

Profession: formerly actuary specialized in fraud detection at an insurance company, currently employed by the CIA

Most famous/notorious for: being abducted by Urandan secret agents

Main rivals: the Unified High Command of Urando, Safeya Sakuraya (RAY*)

Main allies: Victoria A. Sukova (GRU), Paul Rogers (CIA)

Featured in: The Urando Trilogy  (one of the protagonists)

*Gramatian Intelligence Service, falls directly under the command of Empress Aleyzeya. (b. 1980, r. 1999-present)


Inventing 25,000 years of history is not an easy task and to honor my “no utopia” approach to worldbuilding, I decided eighteen years ago to add a very dark page into the history of Urando:

the extermination of the Hoipolloi by the G5 of Urando. Continue reading →

ET is watching you…

Those familiar with my Urando universe* will know that it features a planet populated by humans who were brought there by a mysterious alien civilization only known as the “angels”. Continue reading →