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I have not talked about my Urando Trilogy for quite some time. However, that does not mean that I have not worked on it. Mostly I am working on the background of the series. Continue reading →

Education in Gramatia

After Emperor Pimpèl founded the Gramatian state, he also introduced compulsory education and military conscription for all citizens. That both education and military service were (and still are, even twenty-five centuries later) mandatory, is no coincidence. Just one look at the traditional Gramatian school curriculum reveals their relation:

  • reading and writing
  • arithmetics
  • geometry
  • logic and grammar
  • equestarianism
  • archery (girls) / swordsmanship (boys)
  • Takamu (a strategic board game, similar to chess)

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Etiquette in Gramatia

Terrestrials who visit Gramatia will be heavily surprised with the complex rules of Gramatian etiquette. At first glance an Earth-born person might think Gramatian have no etiquette at all, but that would be plain wrong. Here a quick summary of the most important aspects of etiquette in the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union. Continue reading →

Urando trilogy: update

I have made an update to the working titles of the volumes of this series:

  1. The Celestial Conspiracy
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. The Scramble for Earth

Nothing is definitive at this stage, so things might and probably will change.

The small islands

Urando is the name of a planet and its single continent, which is about the size of all terrestrial continents combined. Besides this super-continent there are several “small islands” on the planet. Though usually called small islands, several have sizes between that of Iceland and that of Greenland. These islands are scattered across the Urandan Ocean and most are uninhabited, due to the large distances between them and the mainland. Continue reading →

Urando map

I have previously posted a photograph of the map of Urando. However, I have now properly scanned this map, so I am now able to use graphic software (Inkscape and GIMP) to edit the map and to produce maps of individual regions and countries.

My intention is to update an improved map of Urando and maps of Gramatia and Benya before New Year. Later this week I will post more background articles regarding Urando.

Update UT

For those who do not know yet, I am working on a novel – the first installment of the Urando Trilogy. For the last few weeks I have worked on a (preliminary) chapter-by-chapter outline which is now finished. At the present 26 chapters are planned, though this number might change. The prime reason to use such chapter-by-chapter outline is to prevent a writers block. Continue reading →

Codex Pimpeleius

The Codex Pimpeleius is the legal code Emperor Pimpel promulgated soon after he founded the Gramatian Empire and his code has been the corner stone of Gramatian law since then. Pimpel’s code is essentially the codification of preexisting Azeyan legal customs. The code exist of the following twelve parts or books: Continue reading →

Notification Urando Series

As I am working out the Urando Trilogy, I have decided to temporarily suspend the Urando series at this site. And I have some good news, I have finally worked out a believable plotline for the three novels. The story will be a combination of a spy novel, thriller, fantasy with a bit of science fiction.

Urando trilogy

At this moment I intend to write three novels featuring Urando and its inhabitants. For the time being, I have the following titles:

  1. From Beyond the Stars
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. Secrets of the Angels

As yet I have no idea when I will start writing these three books, and their titles might change as well. However, I intend to write a prologue of book 1 anytime soon, by way of pilot.