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Back from never gone

No, I am not gone. The last few months I was just busy to finish my thesis, so I had put my WP activity on a hold. Fortunately I have now completed my studies (finally) and hence I have now the time to do things I like more. Consequently I will resume posting stuff once more. Continue reading →


Some announcements

There will be a view changes on this site. First of all, from now on stories* will be published only in the weekend (according to CET). Secondly fiction will be published once or twice a month. Reviews articles and general musings (“contemplation”) might be published at any time I see fit.

Though I will resume work on this site, publications will be infrequent. I will not guarantee anything will be published at all, but I will try to publish at least one story a month, most likely some flash fiction.

*This includes the background articles.

Up coming: Month of Immortality

This Juli I will publish three articles on the topic of immortality. Virtual all cultures has some idea regarding the after-life but the idea of life after death is hard to sell to the skeptic mind. Most non-religious people seek to achieve immortality by technological means such mind up loading, life extension or cryonics. However, this series will focus on the after-life and seek if there is a scientific plausible concept of immortality.

In part 1 I will discuss Frank J. Tipler’s The Physics of Immortality and in part 2 we will turn to David Staume’s The Atheist After-Life. Tipler and Staume represent two different and opposing schools of thought. Part 3 will be a “debate” between both.

Notification Urando Series

As I am working out the Urando Trilogy, I have decided to temporarily suspend the Urando series at this site. And I have some good news, I have finally worked out a believable plotline for the three novels. The story will be a combination of a spy novel, thriller, fantasy with a bit of science fiction.

Urando trilogy

At this moment I intend to write three novels featuring Urando and its inhabitants. For the time being, I have the following titles:

  1. From Beyond the Stars
  2. The Queen of Ice
  3. Secrets of the Angels

As yet I have no idea when I will start writing these three books, and their titles might change as well. However, I intend to write a prologue of book 1 anytime soon, by way of pilot.


I have good experience in writing flash fiction for a Dutch story site, so I have decided to also write flash fiction in English. With flash fiction I refer to stories of a few hundred words – up to one thousand.

It’s my intention to publish one to two flash fiction stories on this site each week and to publish a longer story (up to 3,000 words) at least once a month.

The flash fiction will be either stand-alone stories or part of a series. But the themes of this FF stories will be same as the other stories on this side.

Besides this changes I will continue with my “contemplation” articles and occasional reviews.