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Rank-Raglan and Atrahasis

Atrahasis is one of the key founders of the Republic of Elynesa and his influence on its society can hardly be overestimated. Though by far one of the most powerful persons of the 21st century, he is covered with mysteries. Many facts are unknown to the general public and to some extent his identity is deliberate creation of the Elynesian government. Continue reading →

Characters: Marilyn Graham

Full name: Marilyn Eleonore Graham

Country of birth: United States of America

Year of birth: 1989

Nationality: US

Profession: formerly actuary specialized in fraud detection at an insurance company, currently employed by the CIA

Most famous/notorious for: being abducted by Urandan secret agents

Main rivals: the Unified High Command of Urando, Safeya Sakuraya (RAY*)

Main allies: Victoria A. Sukova (GRU), Paul Rogers (CIA)

Featured in: The Urando Trilogy  (one of the protagonists)

*Gramatian Intelligence Service, falls directly under the command of Empress Aleyzeya. (b. 1980, r. 1999-present)

Worldbuilding, characters and complexity

Creating a new world a great challenge for both science fiction and fantasy writers. You want to create a realistic or at least believable world and complexity is one the things that gives an imaginary world credibility. However, in a quest to add complexity to their story authors are often tempted to add more and more characters on the fly. Continue reading →

Characters: Iris Attasuuri

Full name: Iris Sophie Attasuuri

Country of birth: Satelliteland

Year of birth: 2147

Nationality: Satellitelandic

Profession: president of Satelliteland

Partner: none

Most famous/notorious for: being the president of her country

Main rivals: Tamara Celine Wheel, Julia Elizabeth

Main allies: Rik Veldman, Mansa Alwaki

Featured in: Tamara, Satelliteland goes voting

Characters: Alice Parker

Full name: Alice Caroline Parker-Smith

Country of birth: Eurasian Confederation

Year of birth: 2030

Nationality: Elysian, formerly Eusrasian

Profession: federal senator, formerly domestic worker

Partner: general Robert Parker

Most famous/notorious for: chairwoman of “the Republican Mothers against Abortion”

Main rivals: other senators and lobbyists

Main allies: female conservatives, animal welfare activists

Featured in: Before the committee 

Characters: Rik Veldman

Full name: Richard Victor Veldman

Country of birth: the Netherlands

Year of birth: 2010

Nationality: Elysian (though he lives in Sateliteland)

Profession: professor applied genetics and life science

Partner: his HPA slave Eleonore

Most famous/notorious for: the invention of humanoid pseudo-animals

Main rivals: Tamara Celine Wheel, Charles Philip Bow

Main allies: Catharina Wilhelmina Attasuuri

Featured in: Sensu Stricto, Tamara