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The Lunar Radio Observatory 2


Fifty years after the Lunar Radio Observatory was completed, radio-astronomer Arsames landed on the far side of the Moon. He would spent the next six months on Earth’s only natural satellite. The lunar base which would be his home during this period, was located about 25 kilometers to the south of the Daedelus crater. Arsames’ job was simple, he had to ensure the LRO was operated properly and to manage the collection of information. Continue reading →


The Lunar Radio Observatory


The far side of the Moon is an excellent location for radio telescopes as it is shielded from the intense radio transmissions on Earth and the presence of a fair number of large craters. In particular the Daedalus crater (with diameter of 93 kilometers) near the center of the far side, was found very suitable for the largest radio telescope in our Solar system. Hence it was no surprise that in the late 2020s Europe, Russia, Japan and India joined forces and worked together to create the Lunar Radio Observatory. Continue reading →