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Immortality: Staume’s version

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In this second installment of my series on immortality, I will discuss David Staume’s book The Atheist Afterlife. Like Frank Tipler Staume seeks to develop a concept of the afterlife that is consistent with modern physics and both authors deliberate avoid a particular religious start point of their analysis. Nevertheless Staume’s theory on immortality is quite different Tipler’s. Continue reading →


Bangsian Fantasy

Usually I do not write about fantasy, but today I would make an exception for Bangsian fantasy. Bangsian fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy which is set in the after-life. According to Wikipedia it usually involves famous historical or literary figures. It is named after author John Kendrick Bangs who wrote such fantasy.

This type of fantasy might be uncomfortable for secular writers as the concept of the after-life has strong religious connotations. There have been, however, atheist philosophers who have presented arguments in favour of life after death. In this I would discuss two of them: David Staume and John McTaggart. Though I will discuss their arguments, I will not argue they are actually right.

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