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ET is watching you…

Those familiar with my Urando universe* will know that it features a planet populated by humans who were brought there by a mysterious alien civilization only known as the “angels”. Continue reading →

Death in the galaxy

Yesterday we had a minor discussion in the comments about the lack of intelligent aliens in Asimov’s foundation universe and commenter Landgrave stated that R. Daneel Olivaw’s robots somehow cleared the galaxy of alien species. However, the ScienceDaily reports that according to Australian scientists life is almost universally doomed to die out soon. Continue reading →

Evidence of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence?

According to The Guardian signals from a star located at 1,500 light-years away from Earth, could hardly be explained by natural causes, what leaves the possibility that they are caused by an alien civilization. However, natural causes cannot ruled, yet. It might turn out that scientists have discovered a new natural phenomenon. But maybe, we are not alone…