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Flag of the Fempower Republic


The design of this flag does not require further comment.

Simone de Beauvoir University

Simone de Beauvoir University was the second oldest non-terrestrial university, after the University of Ilium Novum. As this educational institution was established by the radical feminist government of the Fempower Republic, the SBU was a women-only school. No man was allowed as either a student or a teacher. Continue reading →

The Confession

Helen Green had been a minister of the Society of the Triple Goddess, the largest religious denomination in the Fempower Republic, for the last twenty-five years. Though she was raised herself in a nonreligious but strictly feminist family, she had always felt a spiritual need. At age sixteen she formally joined the Society and was ordained at age twenty-two. Continue reading →

Country file – part 3: Fempower Republic

Fempower Republic is country that will feature in an upcoming story. Hence a short “fact sheet”. Continue reading →