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When we discuss the history and current affairs of Urando, most of our attention goes to the Big 5 states. However, there are about 60 other nations on this planet and each of them has it own interesting culture and history. Today we will have a closer look at the mysterious island nation of Lainousta. Continue reading →

Language in Elynesia

The linguistic situation in Elynesia is rather complex. Though its laws are published in Latin and official translations are provided in the working languages of the UN (primarily for reasons of international relations and business) the country has no official language. Continue reading →

Rank-Raglan and Rick Veldman

Here we try to classify infamous genetic engineer Professor Rick Veldman as a Rank-Raglan hero. For a more detailed account of his life, we would refer to Dr. Enid Stretton’s 2095 biography “Mad Scientist or Genius?”. Continue reading →

Rank-Raglan and Atrahasis

Atrahasis is one of the key founders of the Republic of Elynesa and his influence on its society can hardly be overestimated. Though by far one of the most powerful persons of the 21st century, he is covered with mysteries. Many facts are unknown to the general public and to some extent his identity is deliberate creation of the Elynesian government. Continue reading →

AFS Filmography

Astrid Fredrika Svedhem (AFS) is one of Elynesia’s most known film directors. Her work is generally believed to be the summum of Elynesian cinema. So here a brief excerpt of her filmography: Continue reading →

Things that are illegal in Elynesia

Under Elynesian federal law numerous acts are illegal. Here a few things that are usually legal but not in the Republic of Elynesia:

  1. Ballroom dancing
  2. Handshaking
  3. Pilsener
  4. Hormonal contraception (i.e. “the pill”)
  5. SpongeBob SquarePants

These are the prohibitions that foreigners should be most aware of – before entering the country.

Elynesian Fiscal & Monetary Policy

One cannot really discuss the economic history of Elynesia without having to address the fiscal an monetary policies pursued by the various governments. Though it is not our intention to explore all the specific choices various governments and EMA boards have made, but instead we will focus on the general principles that have guided the country’s overall macro-economic policy. And these ones have consistently stable of the last few centuries. Continue reading →

The Great War of Urando – 1900-1920 part 1


See here for a map of Urando

In 1895 the mayor of the capital of Fruytanya, Kisslar staged a coup against the corrupt and highly unpopular Atèh-ser of the country. The monarchy was subsequently abolished and Fruytanya becomes a republic with Kisslar as president.

His politics could be described to a Terrestrial audience as a mixture of conservatism, nationalism, socialism and authoritarianism. Though the Kisslar regime was harsh, the government enjoyed wide popular support, especially after the crack down of the rampant corruption that plagued the country for decades. Continue reading →

Doing business in Elynesia: dos and don’ts

Being one of the largest economies in human history, Elynesia is an attractive destination for foreign business people. However, doing business in Elynesia has certain pitfalls. Therefore here some dos and dont’s. Continue reading →

Doing business in Elynesia: basics

Elynesia is a hard market for foreigners to enter – in particular for Terrestrial businesses. International trade only accounts for less than fifteen percent of the country’s GDP and is mostly confined to other Spacer nations. Continue reading →