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Antarctic government orders fusion reactor

From the Elysian Republican, May 2059

From our correspondent in London, UK

The Republic of Antarctica government announced this morning that it has decided to purchase a 10 GW fusion reactor from France. This decision marks an important change in the energy policy of Earth’s southern most nation. Since the colonization of Antarctica, i.e. Mary Bird Land, began in the late 2020s, the Republic of Antarctica has relied on wind power as its principal source of energy. Continue reading →

Earth’s last coal fired power plant has been shut down

From the Elysian Republican, November 2068

From our correspondent in London, UK

Yesterday the last remaining operational coal-fired power station has been decommissioned. The combined cycle station used coal gasification to generate electricity, while its waste heat was used for household heating and its exhaust carbon-dioxide was sequestered in depleted gas fields. Continue reading →