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When we discuss the history and current affairs of Urando, most of our attention goes to the Big 5 states. However, there are about 60 other nations on this planet and each of them has it own interesting culture and history. Today we will have a closer look at the mysterious island nation of Lainousta. Continue reading →

Fighting Covid

I guess most people are fed up with the ongoing pandemic as lockdowns around the globe are reinstated. Not only the direct damage in terms of illness and deaths, but also the economic impact of the measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 are a heavy toll on society. And even worse the current situation is feeding all kind of conspiracy theories that further derail society. Continue reading →

Harry Potter and the Magical Gene

The way magic is inherited in the Harry Potter universe cannot properly explained by Mendel’s law regarding dominant and recessive genes. Also a polygenetic model of inheritance does not seem to fit the examples provided in the official HP canon. However, I believe that there is one method known to modern genetics that perfectly fits. Continue reading →


D2 is not some homeopathic stuff, but it is gene which will arouse folks like Rik Veldman. According to this 2004 article manipulating the D2 gene will make monkeys to work hard and fast without preoccupation with rewards. Exact what you want in slaves, don’t you? Furtunetely the genetics of human behavior is much more complex.


They say that he shouted “Eureka, eureka!” when geneticist Rik Veldman discovered the HSB1 gene. Whether he also run through the streets naked is unknown – at least there are no police records showing the genetic engineer had ever been arrested for public nudity. However, we know that the discovery of the HSB1 gene changed to world and gave birth to a new but equally controversial science of psycho-genetics. Continue reading →