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Deep Sea Mining

The combination of population growth and increased level of wealth, result in an increased demand of mineral resources. However, most easily accessible deposits have already been depleted. Therefore attention is shifting towards the ocean floor as a supplier of resources.

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Africa’s battle against the Sahara

Africa is too often overlooked – and I am no exception to this – by writers of mundane science fiction. However, the continent is expected to surpass Asia in population during the next decades.

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Some geopolitical notes

Within the context of my stories set in the Elynesia Universe the USA is supposed to have collapsed due to civil war during the 2030s. One of the possible causes for such a civil war is suggested by the following article on ScienceDaily:

Sea level rise could reshape the United States, triggering migration inland

According to researcher from the University of South Carolina about 13 million people within the United States alone will have to be relocated because of rising sea levels. In comparison the population of Pennsylvania is 12.8 million.

Obviously the direction will be towards in the inner parts of the country. However, since the coastal states are in general more progressive than the inland parts of the US, this will have serious political consequences. That is if we assume the current US constitutional framework will remain the same, i.e. no major amendments to the way the US congress or the president is elected.

Of course, this changes will be gradual rather than abrupt – at least if current estimates of climate change are correct and won’t turn out to be worse. Nevertheless, it is very likely that this internal migration will increase the current tensions within the current US political climate.

Windy Europe

An study conducted by scientists from the University of Sussex and Aarhus University concludes that the European continent has enough potential for wind power to meet global energy demand. According to this analysis if European on shore wind power were to be fully developed it could produce 52.2 TW of power. Continue reading →

OTEC once more

I have written a bit about ocean thermal energy conversion on this site. This technology use the temperature difference between the ocean surface and deep seawater. The larger this difference, the greater the energy that can be harvested. Continue reading →

Future Fuel

The age of (cheap) oil is doomed in the long run, even if we do not care about climate change, as petroleum is a finite resource which would eventually be depleted. However, our modern industrialized society requires a lot of energy and without it our planet cannot sustain a ten billion population. Continue reading →