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When we discuss the history and current affairs of Urando, most of our attention goes to the Big 5 states. However, there are about 60 other nations on this planet and each of them has it own interesting culture and history. Today we will have a closer look at the mysterious island nation of Lainousta. Continue reading →

The Great War of Urando – 1900-1920 part 1


See here for a map of Urando

In 1895 the mayor of the capital of Fruytanya, Kisslar staged a coup against the corrupt and highly unpopular Atèh-ser of the country. The monarchy was subsequently abolished and Fruytanya becomes a republic with Kisslar as president.

His politics could be described to a Terrestrial audience as a mixture of conservatism, nationalism, socialism and authoritarianism. Though the Kisslar regime was harsh, the government enjoyed wide popular support, especially after the crack down of the rampant corruption that plagued the country for decades. Continue reading →

The Tale of Two Sisters

The history of the relations of the two greatest powers of Urando, Gramatia and Benya, is complicated and dates back to the very formation of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union and the subsequent expulsion of Emperor Pimpèl’s enemies from Azeya. After they were forced from their homeland, these exiles (Bena in Gramatian) fled to the North and under leadership of Benkir I they formed their own state. As is usually the case with two young, expansionist states, the border between both soon became a contested issue. And even two and a half thousand years later, both nations still dispute the ownership of the former Kingdom of Tobea. Continue reading →