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The Indo-European Connection

Paul from the Langfocus YouTube channel has made a good video on how the different Indo-European languages are related to each other:

Once more about half of the world population speaks an IE-language. And some scholars believe that this is due to the fact that the speakers of Proto-Indo-European where the first ones to domesticate horses. This enabled them to travel large distances at until then unknown speed and allowed these people spread across a large area, while displacing local languages.

Proto-Indo-European culture

Because it’s PIE-day today, I will post Xidnaf’s video on Proto-Indo-European (PIE) culture here:

Also I want to note I am currently reading David W. Athony’s The Horse The Wheel and Language or why the domestication of the horse is the main reason why about half of humanity currently speaks an Indo-European language. Since horse domestication is/was very important to PIE culture, I would also like to share CGP Grey’s video on why we – as humanity – ride horses rather than zebra’s:

I wish all of you a nice PIE-day!

PIE Reconstruction

How did historical linguists figure out to reconstruct Proto-Indo-European or PIE? This video by Draw Curiosity explains:

Yesteryear’s sounds

About 3 billion people speak an Indo-European language – a group of languages that have evolved from a common ancestor, known as Proto-Indo-European. Though we have no attested sources of PIE, linguists have been reconstructing PIE for the last few centuries. In the video below one can hear what PIE sounded like.

Language in Elynesia

The linguistic situation in Elynesia is rather complex. Though its laws are published in Latin and official translations are provided in the working languages of the UN (primarily for reasons of international relations and business) the country has no official language. Continue reading →

A short intro to the history of the Gramatian language

By courtesy of Teameir Yfatrayan

Gramatian is the de facto official language of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union (CGU) and is the native language of about eighty-five percent of the population. The other major languages spoken in the realm are (in order of number of native speakers) the Tineke language, Tarkazian, Benyan and Luyfian. Continue reading →

Language policy in the FAR

The Federation of Asteroid Republics, usually known as the FAR, was originally an association of independent communities of space settlers – also referred to as “free settlers” by Lagrangian governments. And each individual community had its own language, depending on the ethnolinguistic composition of its population – popular languages in the FAR were English, Spanish and Dutch. Continue reading →