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The Sperm Theft Case – Time line

The Sperm Theft Case is a background story behind the Elynesia universe. That means that though it referred to in other stories, we are not going to see its events directly. Though its serves as the backbone of some other plots, I have decided to publish a time line of events here. Continue reading →

The Interview

The immigration officer was quite bored when a took a nicotine gum from its package in order to put it in his mouth. He had interviewed more than two dozens of prospective immigrants that day and it was already late. Nevertheless he was not yet able to leave his office as there was one applicant left to be interviewed. While he was chewing the immigration officer asked the man sitting on the opposite side of his desk: Continue reading →

The Martian (review)

If you need to find someone to run a manned mission to Mars and you have two applicants, Andy Weir and Bas Lansdorp, then I would recommend you to hire Weir. Though both men are primarily associated with manned missions to Mars, only Weir shows a deep understanding of the difficulties of living on Mars. Continue reading →

To planet or not to planet…

I cannot stress enough that the principal technology which underlies the stories set in the Elysia Universe is orbital space settlements. Further it is important that all stories of the Elysia Universe are set in our own Solar System and that there is no interstellar travel in these stories. Continue reading →


When I was an undergraduate at the University of Ilium Novum – the eldest non-terrestrial university – I became friends with a young black woman my age, with the name Rachel. A couple of weeks after I met her for the first time, I learned that Rachel was the daughter of the ambassador of the Republic of New Africa to Elysia. Though I found it intriguing, my friend was deliberately playing down her parents since Rachel wanted to be judged on her own merits. Continue reading →


They say that he shouted “Eureka, eureka!” when geneticist Rik Veldman discovered the HSB1 gene. Whether he also run through the streets naked is unknown – at least there are no police records showing the genetic engineer had ever been arrested for public nudity. However, we know that the discovery of the HSB1 gene changed to world and gave birth to a new but equally controversial science of psycho-genetics. Continue reading →

Terminology: Cyborgs

A cyborg (from cybernetic organism) is a hybrid mechanical-biological being. As such it is different from a robot, which is a fully mechanical being. Cyborgs are also to be distinguished from humanoid pseudo-animals, which genetically engineered but fully biological beings. Continue reading →

Planet X

Since inter-stellar space travel is unlikely to be developed any time soon, writers of mundane science fiction are struck with our own Solar System. Consequently possible locations are limited to Earth, the Moon, Mars, the giant planets and their moons, and artificial space habitats. Continue reading →

A discussion

Two men were sitting in a saloon. Though no one paid them any attention, their discussion could have a huge impact on the life of anyone in the saloon, both employees and visitors alike. The main topic of their conversation was the very fabric of society, but the two men were clever enough to speak in a little known foreign language. Continue reading →


My girlfriend Eleonore is a biologist, to be more precise she is a mammalogist. Mammalogy is the scientific study of mammals. Her specialization is the evolution of mammary glands, so if you want to know who female humans has breasts, you should ask my girlfriend. Continue reading →