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Language in Elynesia

The linguistic situation in Elynesia is rather complex. Though its laws are published in Latin and official translations are provided in the working languages of the UN (primarily for reasons of international relations and business) the country has no official language. Continue reading →

Rank-Raglan and Atrahasis

Atrahasis is one of the key founders of the Republic of Elynesa and his influence on its society can hardly be overestimated. Though by far one of the most powerful persons of the 21st century, he is covered with mysteries. Many facts are unknown to the general public and to some extent his identity is deliberate creation of the Elynesian government. Continue reading →

Elynesian Fiscal & Monetary Policy

One cannot really discuss the economic history of Elynesia without having to address the fiscal an monetary policies pursued by the various governments. Though it is not our intention to explore all the specific choices various governments and EMA boards have made, but instead we will focus on the general principles that have guided the country’s overall macro-economic policy. And these ones have consistently stable of the last few centuries. Continue reading →

The Tale of Two Sisters

The history of the relations of the two greatest powers of Urando, Gramatia and Benya, is complicated and dates back to the very formation of the Commonwealth of the Gramatian Union and the subsequent expulsion of Emperor Pimpèl’s enemies from Azeya. After they were forced from their homeland, these exiles (Bena in Gramatian) fled to the North and under leadership of Benkir I they formed their own state. As is usually the case with two young, expansionist states, the border between both soon became a contested issue. And even two and a half thousand years later, both nations still dispute the ownership of the former Kingdom of Tobea. Continue reading →

Elynesian politics: demographics

We could hardly understand the dynamics of Elynesian politics by ignoring the demographic composition of the country. When the Republic of Elynesia was founded in the 2030s its primary immigrants consisted of three major groups: Continue reading →

The Treaty of Voorburg

This piece is just a sketch, written as part of the background behind my other works and nothing about is considered as definite.

From “The History of the Mirandan War (2115-2147)”:

The Treaty of Voorburg (2147) marked the formal end of the conflict regarding the mining of Helium-3 from Uranus. Though Elynesia and its allies had already forced the FAR to end all hostilities in mid-2145, peace negotiations did not start until late 2146. Continue reading →

Political parties in Elynesia

The Republic of Elynesia a multi-party, representative democracy. As previously pointed out the main political divide is between internalists and externalists. The main political parties in Elynesia are: Continue reading →

Elynesian politics: left and right

As stated previously the main dividing line in Elynesian politics is the distinction between internalists and externalists, a divide that results of the debate between the proponents of import substition industrialization and those of export-oriented industrialization during the formative years of the Republic of Elynesia. Continue reading →

Elynesian politics

Though I will readily admit that I am pretty vague about the constitutional framework of the Republic of Elynesia in my stories – with only a few references to the country’s Senate and the fact that Elynesia is a federal republic – it does not mean that politics does not matter. Actually my fiction set in this universe is deeply political, despite I am not talking much about their institutions. Continue reading →

Background: Political positions of Mansa Alwaki

Mansa Alwaki has been the chairman of the senate of satelliteland during the reign of president Iris Attasuuri. He is notorious for his radical nationalism, below an overview of his political believes. Continue reading →