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Rank-Raglan and Atrahasis

Atrahasis is one of the key founders of the Republic of Elynesa and his influence on its society can hardly be overestimated. Though by far one of the most powerful persons of the 21st century, he is covered with mysteries. Many facts are unknown to the general public and to some extent his identity is deliberate creation of the Elynesian government. Continue reading →

Doing business in Elynesia: basics

Elynesia is a hard market for foreigners to enter – in particular for Terrestrial businesses. International trade only accounts for less than fifteen percent of the country’s GDP and is mostly confined to other Spacer nations. Continue reading →


Windhaven by George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle is described on Wikipedia as a “science fiction and fantasy” novel. This triggers me, really. As one might know, I endorse a strong demarcation between both genres of speculative fiction. Only almost everyone has his or her own definitions of science fiction and fantasy, and as always with definitions, discussions on this topic cannot be settled in a definite way. Continue reading →

The Interview

The immigration officer was quite bored when a took a nicotine gum from its package in order to put it in his mouth. He had interviewed more than two dozens of prospective immigrants that day and it was already late. Nevertheless he was not yet able to leave his office as there was one applicant left to be interviewed. While he was chewing the immigration officer asked the man sitting on the opposite side of his desk: Continue reading →

SF and Fantasy

My local public library has a special section for science fiction and fantasy. As a admirer of (hard) science fiction I should like the existence of such section. However, if you look at the titles at the shelves of this section, then you will see that it mostly fantasy. A rough guess of mine would be that about three quarter is fantasy. Continue reading →

Galactic empires

I am currently reading Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov. However, I won’t review the book here, but I would like to discuss the topic of “galactic empires” – a common trope in science fiction. Though galactic empires are meant to be impressive, I question both the feasibility and desirability of such political configurations. Continue reading →

Adverse effects

A man stepped into an office which belonged to a certain Doctor Barbara Brooks, a renowned psychiatrist.

“You wanted to speak with me?” “Yes, ma’am. About my girl-friend Angela Bricks.” “I see,” the psychiatrist said while she nodded. She pulled a file from her drawer and put it on her desk. Continue reading →

Characters: Alice Parker

Full name: Alice Caroline Parker-Smith

Country of birth: Eurasian Confederation

Year of birth: 2030

Nationality: Elysian, formerly Eusrasian

Profession: federal senator, formerly domestic worker

Partner: general Robert Parker

Most famous/notorious for: chairwoman of “the Republican Mothers against Abortion”

Main rivals: other senators and lobbyists

Main allies: female conservatives, animal welfare activists

Featured in: Before the committee 

The Rejuve Universe Explored

Spanking author “Lurking Dragon” has created his own vision of the 28th century, a world known as the Rejuve Universe. In this fictional universe society has been changed significantly due to a technology called rejuvenation. According to his novel Melody’s Stories this technology was introduced on Earth by aliens (in the remainder of this review I will ignore the alien part, as I find this a deus ex machina type explanation, which I don’t like). Continue reading →


When I was an undergraduate at the University of Ilium Novum – the eldest non-terrestrial university – I became friends with a young black woman my age, with the name Rachel. A couple of weeks after I met her for the first time, I learned that Rachel was the daughter of the ambassador of the Republic of New Africa to Elysia. Though I found it intriguing, my friend was deliberately playing down her parents since Rachel wanted to be judged on her own merits. Continue reading →