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Feeding & Powering the Future

The planet Earth is facing a substantial crisis as the total amount of humans is growing to about ten billion by 2100. Not only will there be more of us, the average wealth of our grand children will be larger – though this might be highly unequally distributed among the population.

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Windy Europe

An study conducted by scientists from the University of Sussex and Aarhus University concludes that the European continent has enough potential for wind power to meet global energy demand. According to this analysis if European on shore wind power were to be fully developed it could produce 52.2 TW of power. Continue reading →

OTEC once more

I have written a bit about ocean thermal energy conversion on this site. This technology use the temperature difference between the ocean surface and deep seawater. The larger this difference, the greater the energy that can be harvested. Continue reading →

Future Fuel

The age of (cheap) oil is doomed in the long run, even if we do not care about climate change, as petroleum is a finite resource which would eventually be depleted. However, our modern industrialized society requires a lot of energy and without it our planet cannot sustain a ten billion population. Continue reading →

OTEC and Syn Fuel

In a previous post I discussed the potential of Ocean Thermal Energy conversion to meet Japan’s energy demand in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Below a video on how this method of energy generation works. Continue reading →

Science updates

From pluripotency to totipotency – Science Daily

The ability to turn normal cells back into totipotent stemcells saves much ethical and practical objections against the use of embryonic stemcells. An important breakthrough.

Giving robots a more nimble grasp – Science Daily

This is a good step forwards. If we want robots to do our domestic cores and care for our elderly fellows, a gentile touch would be an absolute must.

Process concept for a zero-emission route to clean middle-distillate fuels from coal – Science Daily

I am not sure whether this actually a good thing.

Hydrogen-economy: future or fantasy?

In the beginning of this century you could not open your news paper or switch on your television, or you were confronted with the termĀ hydrogen economy. Now ten years later the hydrogen economy has become less prominent in public discourse. The question of this article is whether the hydrogen economy was nothing but a hype? But firstĀ what is the hydrogen economy? Continue reading →